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GF Hydraulics provide quality mobile hydraulics repair services, 24/7. We offer the world leaders in motion and control technology through Parker Hannifin group of products.

Parker store

GF Hydraulics offers Parker Hannifin, one of the world leaders in motion and control technologies and systems, through our Parker Store to provide professional services and innovative products, components, and solutions to customers across a variety of markets and applications. With a comprehensive range of stocked hydraulic and pneumatic solutions, GF Hydraulics is able to draw on world-class fluid connection and motion control technology as it is developed and can provide solutions that are relevant and up to date.

Our Supply Chain can provide any Parker Part from anywhere in world, and we are trained and certified to make hoses up to 58,000psi on-site.


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Despite being a minor part of your mechanical and industrial machinery, a blown hose can cause major problems by bringing your business to a grinding halt. ENZED® recognises this and makes your repair our priority.

ENZED® Taranaki comes under the GF Hydraulics mantle, providing a professional rapid response service 24/7, carrying out quality mobile repairs.

Our focus is on getting you back up and running fast, as well as making sure that your hoses are expertly installed and maintained so you don’t have trouble in the first place.

Behind every one of our Hose Doctors stands global training and support – having learnt from the world’s best in the business, they are experienced in hose servicing and repairs across a huge range of industries from Agriculture and Farming, Industrial, Manufacturing and Transport right through to Pharmaceutical and Food Technologies.



IANZ Accredited Pressure Testing and Calibration Services

GF Hydraulics operates an IANZ-accredited laboratory which conducts gauge re-certification, chart recorder calibration as well as setting of safety relief valves. Our testing facilities include a purpose built hydro test enclosure. You can have all your hydro testing carried out with chart recorded data results and computer graphing. GF Hydraulics can test pressures from 50 psi right up to 58,000 psi – industrial and hydraulic hoses, pump units, pipe – anything you need pressure tested.

Accreditation by IANZ is an international standardised process for assessing and recognising the technical competence and effective quality processes of professional service companies and annual audits ensure ongoing compliance.

We can even set you up with a log in to be able to access your certs online.
At GF Hydraulics we can provide you with both on-shore and off-shore hose testing. We have experience in providing hose assemblies for a broad range of industries, such as agriculture, petrochemical, dairy and food processing, contracting and manufacturing, transportation.

We guarantee to be at your site within 15 minutes of the time agreed.


GF Hydraulics provide customised design, top-quality products, and highly trained technical professionals to the Petrochemical, Oil and Gas Industry in Taranaki.


GF Hydraulics are specialists in the design and supply of high quality, critical flow components for the Petrochemical, Chemical Processing, Oil and Gas, and Power Generation industries.

Points of Difference:

Committed to providing quality technical services with exceptional products, GF Hydraulics provide reliable, cost-effective Process Systems approved for operation in hazardous areas. We are highly experienced at meeting the stringent requirements of industry standards and specifications and provide assurance that all components used will meet those standards, while providing ‘plug and play’ convenience with maximised reliability and reduced operating costs.

Our builds range from small, compact, highly versatile mobile units, to the larger skid structure built to accommodate multiple tanks, pumps, motors and other auxiliaries.


GF Hydraulics custom designs high quality hydraulic and electronic systems for some of the world’s most discerning customers. Our products are in use in oil and gas, petrochemical, industrial and marine applications worldwide. We specialise in achieving what most suppliers consider too hard. Utilising innovative design, state-of-the-art products and high class fabrication, we make even the most challenging project achievable.

GF Hydraulics forms close relationships with customers, contractors, suppliers and fabricators – achieving the best outcome for the total project.


GF Hydraulics test packs and gas boosters are customised to meet client requirements. Customised does not necessarily mean expensive, but value for money as it will meet exact requirements that off-the-shelf products may not.

All of our custom-made test packs and gas boosters are fully certified and have a QA pack ensuring the highest quality in manufacturing standards.

Here at GF Hydraulics we also have test packs and gas boosters available for hire.

Haskel International Inc. is the world’s leading manufacturer of hydraulic and pneumatic driven, high pressure systems and accessories. For nearly 60 years, Haskel has manufactured a wide range of high pressure air driven liquid pumps, gas boosters, air amplifiers, systems and accessory equipment.

BuTech Pressure Systems is a leading supplier to the oil, natural gas, chemical and petrochemical industries as well as water jet cutting and blasting, aerospace, marine, government and specialty industrial markets. System components are available in every machinable alloy to handle pressures from vacuum to 150,000 PSI (10,340 bar) and temperatures from -423°F (-253°C) to 1,200°F (649°C). Any extreme application of erosive or corrosive solids, liquids or gases is where BuTech products are ideal for use.

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