Media Directory


Primary: Information, Media and Telecommunications


Key Contribution

Undertook a Strategic review of production and identified operational improvements that contributed to optimising the business’ sale value.

The Business

The subsidiary of a publicly listed company operated in the media segment with a large circulation directory.

The Challenge

To ensure the successful realisation of company value, the company needed to ensure specific revenues were achieved together with the development and implementation of a strategy to meet anticipated upcoming changes in the industry.

The Assistance Required

Help improve the performance of the production business unit and to develop and implement an appropriate change project to address change in the industry. Review the production business unit, develop plans, and coach implementation to achieve throughput volume of pre-sale and post-sale advertisements and to optimise sales revenue through a more efficient sales process. Review and scope potential for productivity increase and cost reduction through technology enhancement, process improvement, effective resource utilisation and planning; and then develop the change project.

The Approach

Reviewed the overall company strategic plan and worked alongside the production manager in developing short, medium and long-term plans to deliver on the strategic goals. Coached senior business unit managers to build understanding and engagement that enabled an increased and positive contribution to planning, implementation execution and the leadership of their teams.

Developed a production capacity model to provide predictability in output delivery and to identify potential bottlenecks. Agreed productivity goals, guided managers to address performance and bottleneck issues and established the resource plan to meet production demand.

Coached production unit managers to develop leadership and management capabilities.

Constructed a capabilities matrix of production unit team members to improve resource utilisation and to address training requirements. Facilitated engagement of sales operations to collaboratively pursue opportunities for improvement in cross-functional processes and communication, along with introduction of regular forecasting.

Undertook a guiding role, to ensure alignment with corporate strategic goals, within the project team evaluating proposed Production Management System software against business requirements. This included scoping requirements, review of capabilities, reference site checks and the business case for capital investment. The selected new technology provided the opportunity to reduce costs and lead times.

Facilitated the business planning process with production unit managers. Engaged other business units to establish future requirements of the production unit, development of the production unit vision, the strategy road map, and the business plan.

Led development of the proposal for change to restructure the Production unit, the supporting communication and project management plans. Supported and coached managers throughout the proposal for change consultation process.

The Results Delivered

Significant increase in visibility of and measurement across the production business unit processes and productivity, enhanced team engagement and company cross-function cooperation. Delivered target production volume on-time, on-quality and within cost budget to ensure directory completion success. The company achieved its strategic goals and realised optimal value upon sale.