Industrial Storage and Racking Systems Manufacture



Primary: Manufacturing

Secondary: Transport, Postal and Warehousing

Key Contribution

Strategic review resulting in a change management project to consolidate two industrial manufacturing units into one unit delivering enhanced competitive advantage.

The Business

A subsidiary of a multi-national organisation within the industrial storage systems segment.

The Challenge

The company needed to improve its competitive advantage in New Zealand through reduced manufacturing cost, shortening of lead times and improvement of service delivery.

The Assistance Required

Assist the NZ leadership team to develop a local strategy map supporting the Australasian corporate strategy through to a resultant proposal for change, change project and execution.

The Approach

Facilitated an off-site workshop for the senior leadership team to define the project objectives and the scope. Constructed a draft plan, obtained stakeholder buy-in, refined and presented the plan for final approval, and then managed the change project through to completion. This included a strategic review of the business, development of the NZ strategy map in alignment with Australasian corporate strategy and delivered appropriate strategic overview communications for roll-out to teams.

Undertook the modelling of a conceptual single production plant as compared to the two existing production facilities which required the:

  • Construction of a calculation tool to estimate throughput capacity of a conceptual production facility utilising the most efficient machinery from the existing two operating plants;

  • Identification of predicted constraints and development of specific process and machinery solutions to address each potential bottleneck;

  • Establishment of the production capacity of the conceptual consolidated plant, calculation of manufacturing and logistics costs and comparison to existing cost structures;

  • Comparison of delivery lead times;

  • Testing of all assumptions;

  • Preparation of a process flow map of the conceptual consolidated production plant;

  • Calculation, with the CFO’s assistance, of the payback period.

Supported the NZ leadership team in the construction of the business case for a consolidated manufacturing plant and involved in the preparation of a recommendation paper for the Australasian board. Once approved, developed the project plan to consolidate the two existing manufacturing plants into one plant, supported the GM and HR Manager to construct the communications plan and content, and managed the project through to relocation of plant items into the extended single plant.

Additionally, provided guidance and assistance in the development of marketing, sales and operations business plans ensuring alignment across the business. Reviewed the installation service including internal, customer and installation partner perspectives, process mapping and documentation, analysis of findings, report preparation and presentation.

The Results Delivered

The company successfully consolidated its manufacturing facilities into one facility delivering product at lower cost, within shorter lead-times and enhanced service delivery.

Client Testimonial

“Rhys delivered results on time, professionally, and ensured that the level of communication was suitable to our entire organisation. I highly recommend him to any organisation that requires assistance with any change process – his clear thinking, professional approach and calm demeanour ensures that the expected outcome will be achieved, and more than likely, exceeded.”

Human Resources Manager, Industrial Manufacturing